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Meet Miss Swim Week International 2022


Nicole “Nikki” Jennings is Miss Swim Week International 2022. Nikki was born in Texas, but moved to Florida at a young age where she began her love for the outdoors and the water. She grew up on a lake where she became accustomed to fishing, boating, and swimming with her family. She loves the Southwest Florida beaches she grew up on and she actively takes part in clean ups when home for the summer from college. She is a current senior studying Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. She chose University of Hawaii at Manoa after graduating top of her class from Estero High School and receiving a Division 1 athletic scholarship following her 2019 World Championship Gold medal in competitive cheerleading.

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Nikki remains active in the local communities in Hawaii, respecting indigenous practices and doing her part to contribute to the preservation of Hawaii. From her time in Hawaii, she continues to learn more about individual conservation efforts as well as advocates for Ocean conservation on a larger scale. Using her social media platforms as a form of engagement with tens of thousands of daily followers, she spreads awareness for causes that can help protect her home in Florida as well as the home of the Kanaka that she is blessed to reside in during her undergraduate studies. 

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Nikki is inspired by the Kanaka Maoli Worldview that emphasizes indigenous philosophies to protect the aina (land) and the moana (Ocean). She recognizes that the practices of the indigenous islanders are to be appreciated and implemented on a larger scale with more resources going towards cleaning the current pollution and educating the public to prevent further pollution. Nikki will continue her Ocean conservation efforts while she spends her last year in Hawaii before graduating with honors and beginning her PhD work.

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